As the daughter of Palestinian immigrants, and her mother was a refugee, Rita Mansour always knew she was different, although she didn’t look very different growing up as a child. Her parents taught her to be proud of her religion, ethnicity, and native language, as well as, being a proud Toledoan. “I am American by choice, you are American by chance,” a frequent reminder from her father who wanted to make sure she understood the opportunities in front of her. As a Toledo-lifer, never leaving and staying to attend the University of Toledo, Rita is proud to be a part of and work in this community. Upon finishing her Bachelors of Business Administration, with a concentration in finance and marketing, she knew she wanted to work in a flexible environment that allowed her to be entrepreneurial and use her wealth to help others.

Your #1 Asset

Although Rita is a Senior Managing Partner at Mansour Wealth Management and she is among a few hundred Certified Private Wealth Advisers (CPWA) in the country, she will tell you that your largest asset is your health and relationships. She prides herself in being an awesome friend, family member, and favorite aunt to seven nieces and nephews and even favorite to a great niece and great nephew.

Developing Community Partners

Rita is passionate about working with non-profit organizations, helping them to identify unique ways of solving critical issues and build the framework that would allow them to achieve their goals. She’s a connector, identifying individuals who not only can participate financially, but who might also take a personal interest in the task at hand. Travel and artistic expression are two ways that Rita feels every person can broaden their horizons by experiencing a different culture and country. When finances prohibit you from traveling, attending lectures, performances, and foreign films to gain an understanding of different cultures are helpful. “There is no shortage of information on anything we would have an interest in,” says Rita.

One of her proudest moments showed up November 2016 during a united performance from the National Arab Orchestra and the Toledo Symphony. This event positively highlighted many ethnic Arabs and Muslims, during a time where there was an overwhelming amount of negative dialogue about radical Islam and people of Arabic origin being terrorists. Rita brought together partners of many backgrounds in the community to feature Arabic music, dance, and food to show the humanity of her culture.

Events like this one highlights the reason why Rita is such an active part of the greater community and why she will continue to be. Learning about new cultures and getting various groups in the community to come together on common ground just might be what she does best.